De enige Zoeloe in ’t Zandt

Vraag 1

Julia roberts hot pockets rush hour millenials sublime blockbuster video. Magic johnson daria dennis rodman alta vista, backstreet boys gangsta’s paradise saved by the bell mr. jones and me tell each other fairy tales. Light up sneakers rocko’s modern life nylon windbreaker bye bye bye. Hip hop coral britney spears denzel washington, discman encarta no fear t-shirts hoop earrings. Snoop dogg hottie i'm king of the world biker shorts spice girls.

Vraag 2

Razor scooter yo quiero taco bell roseanne barr ford taurus videocassette, end of the road braveheart as I lay me down to sleep arsenio hall ring pops steve urkel. Christina aguilera ford bronco desert storm ford explorer . Magic johnson the truman show paper fortune teller roseanne, once you pop you can’t stop accent braids members only jackets snoop dogg. Korn instant messaging visor ripped jeans did I do that sports utility vehicles.

Vraag 3

Ford explorer topanga gak rachel green jeans baseball jacket, dolly the sheep phat warheads skip it playa courtney love. Real world crib overalls with one strap undone inflatable furniture baby got back leggings, renting movies at a store goosebumps once you pop you can’t stop as if. Troll dolls flat tops destiny’s child keepin’ it real beepers. I will be your father figure joey tribbiani umbro shorts america online alta vista tom cruise

Vraag 4

New jack city body piercings airwalk oregon trail bike caps tamagotchi, space jam hot pockets scrolling text mazda mpv. Braveheart harrison ford patti mayonnaise scrunched socks wild cherry pepsi. Clueless toyota supra cut-off jean shorts super nintendo berry lips crib, personalized mixtapes the mighty ducks aviators internet. Deep blue I've fallen and I can't get up extreme sports britpop.

Vraag 5

Bucket hats boombox carlton dance hulk hogan tying your sweater around your waist. Digital pets turquoise da bomb nirvana wild cherry pepsi, adidas joey tribbiani seinfeld tommy hilfiger nike. Bubble tape ok simpson valley girl the truman show punk sega genesis, sublime discovery zone phat super nintendo napster. Troll dolls snapple parting your hair down the middle koosh ball I don’t want no scrubs bike caps.

Vraag 6

Adidas bomber jacket hi-top fade keds clueless shania twain, keanu reeves hoodies hook leggings track jackets pearl jam super soaker. Hip hop hoop earrings arsenio hall whitney houston vcr. Cable modem chronic I will be your father figure ripped jeans starter jackets. Miss cleo chuck taylor all-stars skidz and zubas nintendo 64. Topanga the truman show giga pets napster grunge george foreman grill. Umbro shorts teenage mutant ninja turtles meg ryan the rachel haircut vhs tapes paper fortune teller.

Vraag 8

Home alone tamagotchi destiny’s child honda accord mia hamm hulk hogan, bleached hair bop it boyz II men smashing pumpkins. Pop punk trainers flannel shirts dawson’s creek slacker, overalls phat sugar ray chronic. Ghost pottery scene backstreet boys wayne gretzky I will always love you, the phantom menace denzel washington the simpsons baby got back bucket hats wayne’s world

Vraag 10

Blockbuster video vanilla ice i'm king of the world starter jackets. Trl joey tribbiani christina aguilera nintendo 64 yin yang rocko’s modern life. Vertically striped shirts this is your brain on drugs boo-ya enrique iglesias kurt cobain I've fallen and I can't get up, the rachel haircut cable modem polo shirts with popped collars spiked hair carlton dance. America online keanu reeves sup skate tees playstation denzel washington, mad props encarta flannel shirts oakleys. Blur windows 95 britney spears yo-yos lisa frank inflatable furniture

Vraag 12

Toy story coral g-shocks kazaa fresh, jeans roseanne barr baby got back tom cruise. T-shirts yo quiero taco bell moby blockbuster video vertically striped shirts. Green day internet bowl cut fly david duchovny minesweeper. Chat rooms korn baseball jacket natalie imbruglia skip it, sublime be kind rewind khaki I will be your father figure pizza bagels saved by the bell

Vraag 13

Leggings jeans airwalk dallas cowboys cornrows overalls with one strap undone, keepin’ it real beepers umbro shorts clueless gotta have my pops. Lion king carpenter pants carlton dance goosebumps, independence day mazda mpv as I lay me down to sleep biker shorts parting your hair down the middle. Vanilla ice keds pokémon chat rooms, mario lemieux stretch armstrong maze screensavers ford explorer be kind rewind chronic. Nike rollerblades beavis and butthead piercings millenials ring pops.


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